225th Anniversary of the Washington - Rochambeau Revolutionary War Route.
Friday, June 30 through Sunday July 2, 2006
March to Victory Weekend- Ridgefield

Historic Meeting House Tour and Museum 1781 Exhibits at Shields Hall, Walking Tour Maps

Ridgebury Congregational Church

605 Ridgebury Road

July 1&2, 2006
10:00am to 4:00pm

Open House

Follow Rochambeau and Washington through the doors of the Meeting House. Guides will answer questions about the church’s role in Revolutionary War history and why George Washington designated the “Ridgebury Meeting House” on his colonial army maps.

In 2006 Ridgebury Congregational Church was recognized by the State of Connecticut as a "major historical site on the Rochambeau 1781 March from Rhode Island to Yorktown Virginia." George Washington's military maps given to Count Rochambeau show the church exactly as it stands today. The Meeting House, erected in 1768 was rebuilt using the same wood on new foundation in 1851. The original pews were made by Ridgebury's 18th century farmers.

Ridgebury Congregational Church is listed on the National Register of Historic Places which, in its citation states that the Register "ordinarily excludes properties.. .used for religious purposes," Ridgebury Congregational Church receives the distinction of being listed because "the church was an important center of community life in Connecticut history and in Ridgefield for many decades, especially during the years until 1818 when it was taxpayer-supported. In Ridgebury, the importance of the church's location as the activity center was strengthened by the fact that the general store and post office were next door, to the north. The corner of Ridgebury Road and George Washington Highway both religiously and commercially was the center of the community... .the white church on its country corner.. .makes an important contribution to the historic and architectural character of the community."


Mini-Museum - Shields Hall

602 Ridgebury Road

Visit our mini-museum at Shields Hall across the street from Ridgebury Congregational Church. See models of the full Rochambeau encampment sites. Documents and artifacts on display. Revolutionary flag replicas from French and colonial armies including some surprising new information about Fort Ticonderoga and the American Revolution.

"Walking tour" maps of Ridgebury historical sites and Ridgebury Cemetery maps available here.

Refreshments and colonial mementos for sale. Playtable for the very young with colonial coloring books.


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The 225th Anniversary of the American Revolution
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March to Victory Weekend
Friday, June 30 through Sunday July 2, 2006 - Ridgefield, Connecticut
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